Tragelaphus scriptus

Weight 45kg 30kg
Shoulder height 0.8m 0.7m
Roland ward 15″ -
SCI 30″ -

Bushbuck mainly browse, they frequent dencer areas around revines. Mostly solitary animals that would form pairs.
The bushbuck bull is regarded by sports hunters as the most dangerous medium-size antelope, as it will hide in the bush after being wounded and charge the hunter when he comes looking for it, impaling the hunter with its sharp horns.

What a hunter may expect on a hunt
bushbuck spot and stalk is very challenging due to the dence areas.
night hunting is the most popular way of hunting these elusive animals.

Equipment suggestion


  • Minimum of .270cal
  • Slower caliber
  • Good quality bullet


  • Minimum of 65 pound draw
  • Good quality broad head