Tragelaphus Oryx

Weight 700-900kg 450kg
Shoulder height 1.7m 1.5m
Roland ward - 35″
SCI - 77″

The largest living antelope, older bulls develop a large dewlap on the throat and a distinctive mat of fairly long hair on the fore head. Both sexes have shallow spiral horns; males have the heavier and more robust horns. They form herds that vary in numbers, and bachelor herds.
Eland are predominantly browsers, but they also graze. They are active both diurnally and nocturnal but tend to feed more at night especially during summer.

What a hunter may expect on a hunt
Depends on the province, Free State tends to be more open and allows ambush chances and it makes spotting easier.
Limpopo province Eland are quite a challenge, finding a nice dark bull with a nice tuff on the forehead takes time and most of the time requires a lot of walking. Big Eland bulls are smart and it takes skill to outsmart them. Shooting them with a bow is hard because they tend to water before sunrise.
They are big and hunters are always surprised at how big when next to it.

Equipment suggestion


  • Minimum of .30cal
  • Slower caliber
  • Good quality bullet


  • Minimum of 65 pound draw
  • Good quality broad head