Oryx gazella

Weight 240kg 210kg
Shoulder height 1.2m 1.2m
Roland ward 40″ -
SCI 81″ -

Gemsbok form small herds, bachelor herds, and solitary bulls. Mainly grazers that also browse, prefer more open areas, but are widely spread. They cover a lot of ground and feed mostly during the day. Both male and female have horns, males have the heavier more straight horns and the females tend to have longer and thinner horns. Deformations are more common among female horns.

What a hunter can expect on an Gemsbuck hunt:

Gemsboks are tuff animals and it is crucial to have good shot placement. A gemsboks spine is much lower than expected; shot must be in lower 1/3 of chest cavity. They have very good eye sight and a good stalk is important.

Equipment suggestion


  • Minimum of .30cal
  • Good quality bullet


  • Minimum of 55 pound draw
  • Good quality broad head