Greater Kudu

Tragelaphus strepsiceros

Weight 250kg 180kg
Shoulder height 1.55m 1.40m
Roland ward 53 7/8””
SCI - 121”

Only males have horns, kudu have spiral horns with deep curls. Browsers that prefer woodland savanna. Form smaller herds of 3 to 10, mature bulls would form temporally bachelor groups and join the breeding hers during the rut. Kudu tend to feed only during the cool hours of the day and during the night hours.

What a kudu hunter may expect on a hunt

Kudu are abundant in South Africa and could be found in most areas, the terrain would determine the way we hunt them, and it tends to be the highlight of most hunts. Kudu are smart and prefer thick bush or mountains if they are pushed.

Equipment suggestion


  • Minimum of .30cal
  • Slower caliber
  • premium quality bullet


  • Minimum of 65 pound draw
  • Good quality broad head