Aepyceros melampus

Weight 41kg 26kg
Shoulder height 0.75m 0.75m
Roland ward 14″ -
SCI 28″ -

Both sexes have lyre- shaped horns. Springbuck prefer arid and open areas and are independent of water but will drink when available. These mixed feeders will browse or graze in small herds during the day. There is the common springbuck, black, white and copper and the Kalahari springbuck (tends to be bigger).

What a hunter may expect on a hunt

Springbuck are in the Free State, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape Province in abundance. Due to open terrain longer shots are the norm. Ambush hunts and vehicle hunting is the norm in these vast spaces.

Equipment suggestion


  • Minimum of .243cal
  • Good quality bullet


  • Minimum of 50 pound draw
  • Good quality broad head